Pubdate: Mon, 20 Aug 2001
Source: Times-Union (IN)
Copyright: 2001 Times-Union
Author: Alan and Eleanor Randell


Editor, Times-Union:

Re Rehabilitation, Letters, Aug. 15:

Inmate Charles Robinson evidently feels that imprisonment is a suitable 
fate for those who ingest certain drugs. Hogwash. We have a right to ingest 
any drug we've a mind to. There is no more reason to punish drug users and 
dealers today than there was in the past to hang witches, lynch blacks or 
gas Jews.

His embarrassingly ingratiating letter reads like one that might have been 
written by an inmate of a Nazi death camp who is gratefully looking forward 
to obtaining his release after converting from Judaism to Christianity.

Alan and Eleanor Randell Victoria, BC, Canada via e-mail
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