Pubdate: Mon, 20 Aug 2001
Source: Fort Madison Daily Democrat (IA)
Copyright: 2000 The Democrat Company
Author: Dan Litwin


Double bravo to Ellen Goodman's article on the medical marijuana progress 
in Canada. But she is perilously wrong on one count about the situation 
here in the US. She says: "The feds aren't likely to crack down on the 
terminally ill, nor are law enforcers eager to rip joints out of the hands 
of AIDS patients." In reality, the feds and law enforcers get downright 
mean when those ill patients speak up:

First, life-long cancer patient Todd McCormick, who sits in jail now 
because he grew a lot of pot only to study and write a book on medical 

Second, the baffling cancer survivor: Steve Kubby. Kubby ran for governor 
of California as a Libertarian on a medical marijuana platform. An 
investigation against him was actually begun based on accusations in an 
anonymous(!) letter to police.

And lastly, AIDS patient and Libertarian Peter McWilliams who is now dead 
because fanatical drug warriors kept him from smoking his medical 
marijuana. The story: McWilliams was arrested for giving money - a book 
advance - to Todd McCormick for his medical marijuana research. After 
McWilliams arrest, his $250,000 bail was paid by a loan on his mother's 
house. Therefore, if he smoked, she lost her house. So he smoked no more. 
He also never made it to jail on the charges. You see, without smoking, he 
could not keep his prescription medications down, and died.

I encourage you to look these names up on the Internet and find out about 
the casualties of this insane War on Drugs. Our politicians may say they 
won't crack down. But someone you know could be their next victim.

Dan Litwin

San Diego, CA
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