Pubdate: Fri, 17 Aug 2001
Source: Plain Dealer, The (OH)
Copyright: 2001 The Plain Dealer
Author: John M. Hartman
Note: Hartman is president of Northcoast National Organization for the
Reform of Marijuana Laws.
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I was glad to read the Aug. 8 article "City worker fired for smoking pot can
get job back." When it comes to drug testing in the work place, justice is
not the rule. In Stephen D. Brook's case, it was a procedural screwup that
allowed the court to rule in his favor. 

For most employees or job applicants, there is no such solution to the
injustice of drug testing in the work place. Drug testing is unjust because
it only indicates exposure to drugs at some time in the past, and impairment
on the job can't be determined. The result is that drug tests lump
responsible employees or applicants with those who are impaired on the job
whether due to drug, illness, stress or fatigue. Marijuana consumers can
test positive for more than 30 days after discontinuing use of the drug. 

Until we adopt policies that test only for impairment on the job, justice
will continue to rely on some procedural error. 

John M. Hartman, Cleveland
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