Pubdate: Tue, 14 Aug 2001
Source: Fort Saskatchewan Record, The (CN AB)
Copyright: 2001 The Fort Saskatchewan Record
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Author: Matthew Hulett


Every point (Dr. Jaime Cervantes) made has been refuted repeatedly, not 
only in the IOM Report out of the U.S., but also in the findings of fact in 
the Terry Parker case that led to this change in law.

Let witchhunters like him stand aside, and allow the committed true 
professionals to get to work.

The system will work for some people. Albeit, the three-judge panel in the 
Parker case was quite resolute that marijuana be handled like other drugs, 
and these regulations go far beyond that in making access quite a problem 
for many patients.

The possession laws may very well be tossed, for Parker is planning to be 
back in court challenging these absurd laws.

Is it your paper's mission to propagate ignorance, or to simply pursue an 
ignorant agenda you agree with?

For instance, the IOM Report clearly stated the risk factors involved in 
marijuana therapy werewithin the risk bounds accepted for other drugs. It 
also clearly stated it's most promising area lie in its anti-nausea 
properties, not for pain relief. Albeit, for some it works well enough that 
they can forego more risky pain relievers.

Shame on you.

- - Matthew Hulett

(No, the mission of the Fort Record is not to propagate ignorance. It is, 
in part, to allow people to voice their opinion on current issues. We have 
just allowed you yours.)
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