Pubdate: Thu, 16 Aug 2001
Source: Oregonian, The (OR)
Copyright: 2001 The Oregonian
Author: John Sajo


Geoff Sugerman is right ("In my opinion," Aug. 5). Politicians are afraid 
of the medical marijuana issue.

The recent Oregon Legislature, and specifically the Republicans running the 
show, refused to act on House Bill 3919, a reasonable bill championed by 
multiple-sclerosis patient Stormy Ray. The bill would have clarified some 
gray areas and made the law a little easier on patients.

Congress refuses to budge on the issue, even though voters have approved 
medical marijuana 10 times -- every time it has come up. The outdated, 
misguided federal law maintains that marijuana has no medical value and an 
abuse potential on a par with heroin.

That's ridiculous. The result is that qualified patients have no place to 
get their medicine.

Congress should change the federal law and allow pharmacies to stock this 
medicine. And in the meantime, Oregonians should revise the Oregon Medical 
Marijuana Act so that it is easier on suffering patients.

JOHN SAJO Director, Voter Power Southwest Portland
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