Pubdate: Tue, 14 Aug 2001
Source: Times-Union (IN)
Copyright: 2001 Times-Union
Author: Steve Helms


Editor, Times-Union:

I read Mark Souder's self serving letter to the editor published on August 
11th (Meth Epidemic). Are his thoughts sincere or just another scare tactic 
used by politicians to get re-elected and get more funds for their state in 
the never-ending war on drugs? He states that the "methods we used to fight 
cocaine and heroin may very well not apply to meth." Is he saying we are 
successful in our fight against these drugs? I think he needs to look at 
the statistics! If he really wants to fight meth and other illegal drugs 
and the crime associated with them with a new method, try legalization and 
regulation. If those who are susceptible to drug abuse could get their drug 
of choice legally and cheaply, meth labs would disappear. Crime would fall 
since legally producing drugs is cheap and it is only prohibition that 
makes them expensive. Police could concentrate on violent crimes. Money 
saved from taxation and a reduction in the prison population could be used 
for drug education and treatment. I doubt Rep. Souder has the wisdom or 
guts to suggest such an approach.

Steve Helms Southlake, Texas via e-mail
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