Pubdate: Mon, 30 Jul 2001
Source: Worcester Telegram & Gazette (MA)
Copyright: 2001 Worcester Telegram & Gazette
Author: Donna MacLean


I'd like to comment on the article (Telegram & Gazette, July 11) about 
OxyContin. I understand that pharmacists are concerned and would like to 
see this drug banned because of all the recent robberies. But what about 
the people who need this drug to control their pain?

One pharmacist said he knew of 200 to 300 people receiving prescriptions 
for OxyContin a month. If prescribed by a doctor, who is he to comment? 
Most pharmacists seem to act more like doctors than pharmacists.

I am permanently disabled and suffer with pain every day. I take pain 
medication and would most likely commit suicide if I didn't have it. I 
really feel for the people who take OxyContin for cancer and other 
illnesses. Why should it be taken off the market because of other people's 
abuse of it?

Alcohol is abused every day, but you don't see the liquor stores being shut 
down. There's an important difference between the two: That is that pain 
medication is prescribed for people who suffer. Alcohol is for pleasure. It 
makes no sense for people to suffer when there is something available for 
their pain.

Instead of taking OxyContin off the market, why not focus more on securing 
the pharmacy, perhaps with bulletproof windows? I have seen some pharmacies 
do that. If OxyContin is helping people stay out of pain, that should be a 
good enough reason not to ban this drug.


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