Pubdate: Thu, 26 Jul 2001
Source: Daily Press, The (CN ON)
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Change is good.

For some people, change is essential for survival.

Camp Meeting 2001, which opens today at the Senator Hotel, offers 
change for the addicted and abused through the word of God, 
testimonials, prayer, song and the company of those who have come 
through those experiences and healed.

Organizer Rev. Ernest R. Linklater knows first hand the benefits of 
such meetings.

Lots of (participants), like myself, are delivered from alcohol, said 
the pastor of the Full Gospel Aboriginal Ministries of Timmins, a 
congregational church at 29 Spruce St., which is hosting the free 
event. Ive been delivered from alcohol for over 24 years and its 
through these kinds of meetings.

Alcohol here is just a killer drunkards have got to have a change of 
life. The only way theyll be set free is by hearing the word of God. 
Thats the idea and reason for Camp Meetings, so they can decide to 
hear the word of God and be set free from alcohol and drugs.

They'll be helped to make that decision with prayer, songs from the 
Moosonee Gospel Band and testimonials.

There'll be different people testifying how they were set free from 
drugs and alcohol things like that and Indian religion, said 

A lot of our people are bound to Indian religion. We arent, though we 
hunt and fish and thank the Creator for providing that bounty.

Three pastors from California and Louisiana will also lend a hand.

They're missionaries, accustomed to helping people, who have 
travelled worldwide and been to other Camp Meetings, said Linklater. 
Theyre here because they have the heart to help this city.

The event is a first for Timmins, but has run for years in Moosonee 
and other communities, with attendance between 300 and 500 people.

It's an open invitation, everyone welcome, free of cost, said Linklater.

Lunch and supper is also provided, while rooms are available at 
discount prices.

It's not only for Natives. Its for whites, English and French too, he said.

The event also welcomes those who have been touched by other evils in 
the world.

In our church we have people who were once on drugs, lots of them 
were sexually abused and now theyre set free from the hurts, said 
Linklater. I know there's a lot of hurting people. I teach them they 
have to forgive and forget and move on in their lives.

He feels the same about the suing of residential schools that 
committed so many of those outrages.

This has got to stop theres got to be forgiveness somewhere along the 
line and you cant forgive, not unless you have Christ in your heart.

People will have the chance to receive Him there, beginning at 7:30 
p.m. today and Friday, and 1: and 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

For more information, call Linklater at (705) 268-6572.
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