Pubdate: Mon, 16 Jul 2001
Source: Worcester Telegram & Gazette (MA)
Copyright: 2001 Worcester Telegram & Gazette
Author: Moses Nerpel
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The generalizations in the "In our opinion" (Telegram & Gazette, June 25,) 
regarding medical marijuana advocacy are both false and ridiculous.

The fact is that marijuana, when used by AIDS patients, can increase 
appetites that have been diminished by anorexia-cachexia (wasting syndrome) 
and reduce pressure in the eyes of glaucoma patients.

The editorial statement, "the debate about possible medical uses for 
marijuana has always been largely a smoke screen sent up by advocates of 
legalization and other drugs for recreational use," is blatantly false and 
seems to serve only to confuse the reader.

Is the issue you are discussing the legalization of medical cannabis, the 
legalization of recreational pot, or the legalization of other illegal 
drugs that in no way relate to medical marijuana? As for the statement that 
advocates of medical marijuana, "should turn their attention toward 
development of a pharmaceutical form of the drug," you obviously are not 
aware of the fact that Marinol (dronabinol) a pharmaceutical form of THC in 
a gel caplet, has been available since 1996.

The problem with these pills, however, is that vomiting patients have 
trouble swallowing a pill, the effects cannot be felt for a number of hours 
and a month's supply of Marinol runs between $150 and $180.

Concerning the Supreme Court's ruling, if a person with a terminal illness 
believes smoking marijuana makes them feel better, who are a group of 
career politicians with no medical background whatsoever to disagree? On 
the same token, what right does a newspaper have to disagree?


West Boylston
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