Pubdate: Sun, 15 Jul 2001
Source: Sunday Times (UK)
Copyright: 2001 Times Newspapers Ltd.
Author: Jonathan Hoffman


Before I opened The Sunday Times last week, I had made a note to send
to my MP Melanie Phillips's previous article about drugs, with a
request that he commits to opposing any attempt to legalise cannabis
or any leadership candidate who equivocates on the matter.

I should have known Phillips would return so conclusively to the
debate (Comment, last week). Many who favour decriminalisation have no
children. I have two teenagers. What chance do I have of keeping them
away from cannabis if it is legalised? During the election campaign
there was a memorable description of William Hague - "a chameleon on
glass". Now Portillo and Lilley are playing the same populist game,
attempting to attract the vote of the under-25s, who were the most
apathetic at the election. It is our kids who will pay the price of
these utterly cynical political ploys.

Jonathan Hoffman,
London N20
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