Pubdate: Sat, 14 Jul 2001
Source: Register-Guard, The (OR)
Copyright: 2001 The Register-Guard
Author: Tracy Harms
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Why does serving many clients provoke inquisition by the Oregon Board
of Medical Examiners. When it comes to "medical marijuana," conforming
to the rules, regulations, licenses, fees and mandatory paperwork
apparently is not enough. To touch this demonized realm is to risk
suspicious scrutiny into purity of intent.

It is ironic that the rare physician who has the courage to provide
for patients within the medical marijuana strictures is by that fact
suspected of incompetence. What this reveals is that doctors are not
expected to satisfy their patients so much as they are required to
appease their political wardens.

A proposed new state rule that would impose further micromanagement of
doctor-patient relationships fits that pattern. "This rule only
verifies that the physician is following a standard procedure in the
medical world," we are told.

This is not reassuring; recall that every advancement in medicine has
arrived by deviating from the standard procedures of the day. So it is
that the meddling of the state health officials is not only in
conflict with the satisfaction of individual patients, it will tend to
impede the progress of health care in general.

Oregon's medical marijuana program is an abomination. It insidiously
magnifies state interference in what should be and could be plain
contracts between doctors and patients. Medical marijuana provisions
should be repealed. Oregon law should firmly defend the right of the
people to grow, buy, and sell this plant freely, no less than we may
freely use fir trees and alfalfa.


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