Pubdate: Tue, 10 Jul 2001
Source: Roanoke Times (VA)
Copyright: 2001 Roanoke Times
Author: E. Duane Lee
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MY HAT is off to Alan I. Leshner (June 29 commentary, "Addiction is a brain 
disease - and should be treated as such"). With drug addiction already 
passing the epidemic stage in America, then why don't we treat it like it 
is - a mortal wound to our society?

If we want to keep available space in our prisons, we must get serious in 
our treatment programs. (Most programs have a cure rate of 15 percent or 
less.) Leshner states that 50 percent to 70 percent of those arrested are 
addicted to illegal drugs, and most studies bear this out.

Since addiction encompasses the whole being, then it stands to reason that 
treatment must do the same. The approach must be treating the total person 
- - spirit, mind and body.

Maybe if America got serious about illegal drugs and treatment, we wouldn't 
need the Drug Enforcement Administration anymore.

Join me in getting our legislators to attack this problem head on.

E. DUANE LEE, Chairman

It's Time for Change in

Our Courts, in Our Jails and Prisons

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