Pubdate: Sat, 20 Jan 2001
Source: Daily Press, The (CN ON)
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The Hells Angels may not have a chapter in Timmins. But the biker gang has 
had an inroad into Timmins drug market for several years now.

It's always been Hells Angels dope coming into the city, said Const. Joe 
Romualdi, of the Timmins Police drug unit.

In the last two weeks, the gang has expanded into Ontario, starting up 11 
chapters. The North hasn't been excluded.

There are now chapters in Thunder Bay and Sudbury.

With the Hells Angels working to take control of Ontario's drug market, 
some observers say the province should brace itself for a cheaper, more 
plentiful supply of illegal drugs.

Romualdi said that may be true in some of the larger markets like Toronto 
and Thunder Bay, which have always had other sources of dope like the 
Russian and Italian mobs But Timmins is close enough to Quebec so the Hells 
Angels always had an inroad here.

The Angels increased presence in the rest of the province won't necessarily 
influence the local drug trade here, Romualdi said.

Just because they have a chapter closer to Timmins, doesn't mean it's going 
to have an impact into the city.

If there's going to be any change, Romualdi predicts local dealers working 
for the Hell's Angels may eventually be encouraged to diversify their 
products by pushing other drugs like ecstasy and heroin.

But that would have happened whether or not the Hells Angels set up 
chapters throughout Ontario, he said.

Its just their method of doing business.

Romualdi is particularly concerned about heroin-laced cocaine finding its 
way into Timmins. He said its already starting to happen.

Heroin is among the most addictive narcotics out there and police are 
concerned some dealers may be mixing it with cocaine in an effort to hook 
certain users.
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