Pubdate: Tue, 10 Jul 2001
Source: Scotsman (UK)
Copyright: The Scotsman Publications Ltd 2001
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After the non-election of 7 June, I think most people expected a quiet 
summer. Instead, we have the issue of legalising cannabis dominating the 

Mo Mowlam, Peter Lilley, and the former UK ambassador to Colombia, have 
joined calls from doctors, drug support groups and the Scottish Socialist 
Party to legalise a drug less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. Saturday, 
28 July will see the second Legalise Cannabis demonstration organised by 
the SSP. Thousands are expected to turn out to tell the government that a 
drugs policy based on ignorance and hypocrisy will not do.

The government has reacted to this pressure with panic. Under the Home 
Secretary, David Blunkett, Britain is set to become a place where the laws 
on drugs will differ depending on which street you are in.

The message is mixed and confused. Half the government believes cannabis is 
safe, while the others still think it is a social evil. The reality is that 
legalisation of cannabis is a necessity in the fight against hard drugs.


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