Pubdate: Sun, 17 Jun 2001
Source: Denver Post (CO)
Copyright: 2001 The Denver Post Corp
Author: Scarlett Swerdlow 
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Re: "Raves at city-owned auditorium divide Springs officials," June 11
Denver & The West. 

I applaud Bob Wade, manager of City Auditorium in Colorado Springs, for
his support of the rave community. Wade demonstrates sophistication in
his recognition that promoters of parties ought to have access to the
City Auditorium as a venue. Ultimately, he understands that a
partnership between government and youth is more effective than an
antagonistic relationship. 

Raves are positive outlets for creativity, music and dance. The rave
community rests on principles of tolerance and appreciation. When Deputy
Chief Luis Velez and Detective Cil Shutz paint raves as inundated with
drugs and other dangers, they reveal their own ignorance. 

Velez and Shutz ought to value the opportunity to oversee a rave through
the city government, rather than deal with illegal, underground events.
The police would be able to enforce regulations more easily, and trained
health officials would be able to help those attendees who do decide to
use drugs. 

Authorities ought to recognize the positive aspects of youth culture,
rather than criminalize young people and their interests. Again,
congratulations to Bob Wade. 

Scarlett Swerdlow 
Students for Sensible Drug Policy 
Washington, D.C.
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