Pubdate: Thu, 14 Jun 2001
Source: Auburn Journal (CA)
Copyright: 2001 Auburn Journal
Author: L.J. Carden
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Consider for a moment a search warrant based upon an anonymous letter or
informant. Now remember, this could be anyone writing anything against
anyone. A neighbor you angered years ago or yesterday, a PTA mom who
lost the election for Top Mom, a jealous suitor or even a stalker n all
of these people could conceivably write an anonymous letter to your
local sheriff, about anything, and by his past actions he considers this
something that must be acted upon. 

Consider further that this indeed happened n someone who has it in for
you for one obscure reason or another decides to write that anonymous
letter and the cops in all their drug regalia beat on your door and they
don't find what was stated clearly in the letter (example: 'thousands of
marijuana plants will be found, financing political career with
proceeds') Instead they find a couple of hundred of plants all legally
being grown by two medical cannabis/marijuana patients. 

Now, considering our constitution, how could they possibly search any
further after not finding the basic premise of the anonymous letter,
i.e. thousands of plants? Nothing found beyond this should be cause for
further action. Well, not at least if the U.S. Constitution still counts
for anything at all. 

Bear in mind this from someone who does not have the nerve to sign his
name! Still the powers that be in beautiful Placer County try to
incarcerate Steve Kubby for the results of a very questionable search
and that had even then been explained. Anonymous tips/letters/calls
should be considered for what they are n empty, nameless accusations
made to hurt and not necessarily having anything to do with the truth or

L.J. Carden, Meadow Vista
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