Pubdate: Thu, 14 Jun 2001
Source: The Post and Courier (SC)
Copyright: 2001 Evening Post Publishing Co.
Author: Nancy P. Moore
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South Carolina's approach to child protection is unfortunately that of 
"Cast the first stone." According to the national survey, "Kids Count," 
South Carolina ranks 42nd in teen births and 48th in low birthweight.

The answer by the loudest S.C. politicians? Fight real sex education and 
introduce legislation to limit free or low-cost availability of birth 
control to the unmarried. Then, righteously to complain about welfare 
costs, half of which goes back to teen pregnancy.

In South Carolina, 29 percent of the mothers get poor prenatal care. The 
answer by our politicos? To protect the unborn with legislation that might 
charge mothers with being responsible for a miscarriage or stillbirth.

Take to trial those mothers who are in the sad grip of illegal drugs. 
Snatch away a child born to them, drag them off to jail, and put them in 
front of a jury for murder. Then, condemn them for not showing up for drug 
treatment - or for not showing up at a doctor's office, period.

No one approves irresponsible sex or nonhealthy behavior during pregnancy, 
but to care about children and their mothers, let's emphasize education, 
prevention and treatment. Let's lend a compassionate hand rather than 
casting stones.

NANCY P. MOORE, 2395 Folly Road, 2F, Folly Beach
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