Pubdate: Tue, 18 Jan 2000
Source: State Journal-Register (IL)
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Dear Editor,

I want to commend the SJ-R for its timely and educational editorial on Jan. 
12 on the hemp issue considered in the legislature and now by Gov. Ryan.  I 
find it totally irresponsible that the Illinois Drug Education Alliance and 
the Illinois State Police are promulgating "junk science" concerning this 
issue.  By doing so, they destroy their own credibility, especially with 
our young people, who may well decide to question their information on real 
drug issues.

I want to point out that a pro-hemp resolution was adopted by the National 
Conference of State Legislatures at its winter meeting in Washington, 
D.C.  To quote from part of this resolution:  "NCSL also strongly urges 
Congress statutorily to direct the DEA to revise its policies to be less 
restrictive and allow the states to establish state regulatory programs, 
thus fostering the development of domestice hemp production by American 
farmers and manufacturers."

Certainly no one can accuse the NCSL of being a bunch of potheads.  I urge 
Gov. Ryan not to veto this bill but to provide funding for the academic 
institutions to research hemp as a potential crop for Illinois.  The 
governor knows better than to lend any credibility to this hemp hysteria 
and junk science.

Alexander J. Casella

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