Pubdate: Sun, 14 Jan 2001
Source: Sun-Herald (Australia)
Copyright: 2001 John Fairfax Holdings Ltd
Author: Melanie Corben


As the mother of a four-year-old, Detective Inspector Louise Brown is 
concerned at the way illicit drug use destroys individuals, families and 

Now as the fresh face of a new campaign, she is encouraging people to tell 
police everything they know about drug use and crime in their community.

"The theory behind the campaign is that people have a lot of information," 
Inspector Brown said.

"Sometimes they think what they know is unimportant, but really it could be 
the critical information police need to solve a crime."

Recently promoted to a head teaching position at Goulburn Police Academy, 
the 30-year-old was chosen to star in a series of TV, radio and newspaper 
advertisements, urging people to report drug crimes on Crime Stoppers' 
toll-free hotline.

Inspector Brown's face will also be plastered across bus shelters and on 
bridge banners and posters.

"I'll be at the movies and the IMAX Theatre," Inspector Brown said. "I'll 
be everywhere."

She enjoyed working on the campaign. "I suppose I'm pretty outgoing," she 
said. "I like to try new things."

Having a daughter has given Inspector Brown a new understanding of the 
terrible effects of drug abuse on addicts and those close to them.

"I am always saddened to see parents with young children who have 
overdosed, particularly in view of the children who are left without 
parents to look after them. It's quite heartbreaking," she said.

"The other sad part is seeing people grow into young adults, start 
experimenting with drugs and become hooked."

Whenever she takes her daughter out, Inspector Brown is looking out for 
contaminated syringes that could jab her, especially in playgrounds and at 
the beach.

Managing a family, a demanding career and starring in a major ad campaign 
can be stressful, she said.

"It's a constant juggle. But I think being a police officer is the best job 
in the world."

Crime Stoppers' toll-free hotline is 1800333000.
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