Pubdate: Wed, 10 Jan 2001
Source: Irish Examiner (Ireland)
Copyright: Examiner Publications Ltd, 2001
Section: Letters
Author: Myron Von Hollingsworth


THE IOM now confirms that the myths and lies that have supported cannabis 
prohibition are completely false. The worst thing they can find to say 
about it is that it is not harmless. Neither are hundreds of other 
substances that have been legal for 100 plus years.

Wake up and smell the propaganda. You want cannabis out of the hands of 
minors? Legalise it and regulate it. Tax it like we do everything else.

Maybe politicians and media are required to adhere to the party line of 
prohibition because law enforcement, customs, the prison and military 
industrial complex, the drug testing industry, the drug treatment industry, 
the INS, the CIA, the FBI, the DEA, the politicians themselves can't live 
without the budget justification, not to mention the invisible profits, 
bribery, corruption and forfeiture benefits that prohibition affords them.

The drug war promotes, justifies and perpetuates racist enforcement 
policies and is diminishing many freedoms and liberties that are supposed 
to be inalienable according to the constitution and Bill of Rights.

Myron Von Hollingsworth,
6401, Malvey Avenue,
Texas 76116,
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