Pubdate: Wed, 10 Jan 2001
Source: Auburn Journal (CA)
Copyright: 2001 Auburn Journal
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Author: Carol Colburn
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Mr. Ryland's letter regarding substance abuse and Mr. Kubby's health 
(Journal letters, Jan. 7) shows a distinct lack of compassion and knowledge 
of the law.

Over four years ago the voters in this state overwhelmingly approved the 
use of medical marijuana for relief of many ailments. The patients using 
medical marijuana for relief of various diseases, chronic pain and many 
other sicknesses, are not substance abusers and are not breaking the law.

The authorities who are still arresting them and prosecuting them are now 
the ones breaking the law.

The patients have recognized that the lies told by our government so many 
decades ago were just that =AD lies. The benefits of this herb, lost to so 
many during that time, are no longer being lost.

It is once again helping many people cope with a vast array of painful and 
life-threatening health problems. That recognition is now written into our 
state law. The Kubby trial also put the Oakland guidelines into testimony 
in an open court; now those guidelines are also recognized.

In 1996 through the intelligence of its voters, Proposition 215 became 
California law. It states very clearly that we may use medical marijuana 
with a doctor's recommendation. Several other states have followed suit by 
passing their own version of medical marijuana laws.

As for the Kubby jury, I too applaud people with the courage of their 
convictions - all 11 of them.

Carol Colburn
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