Pubdate: Fri, 05 Jan 2001
Source: Bangor Daily News (ME)
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Author: Tom Sprague


I am really surprised at the lack of response to Brett Williamson's letter 
of Dec. 27 titled, "Clinic threatens city." The drug problem is not going 
to go away. We not only need a methadone clinic, but we also need a 
facility twice the size of Acadia Hospital.

I live in Machiasport and it seems that almost daily (or nightly) something 
is stolen and places are being broken into. In most cases, if not all, it 
is the demon of drugs driving these enslaved ones to do this. I also know 
that many of these addicts are crying out for help. We can bury our heads 
in the sand and pretend that it will go away, but that would be sheer 

I saw Stephen King doing an ad about drug use and how long it takes to 
overdose. Mr. King, if you are reading this, how about helping to build a 
facility twice as big as Acadia?

Tom Sprague
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