Pubdate: Fri, 5 Jan 2001
Source: The Cannabis Link
Author: Debra Harper
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After decades of no real progress toward reforming the cannabis laws, 
historic events culminated in a shift happening throughout the year 2000 
that will influence the future direction of cannabis regulation. There are 
many eyes on Canada right now - watching and waiting as we roll out new 
policy for the medicinal use of cannabis.

Is it all good news? Hardly. What kind of progress did Canada make in the 
year 2000 toward restoring the rights of Canadians to sovereignty over 
their own bodies? And just what is the national mood?

Based on a quick glance at newspaper articles throughout the year, what 
immediately materializes is a snaphot of a government so out of touch with 
the will of the people, (and why) and the measures some of those people 
have been forced to take to maintain their autonomy. The mixed signals 
given by the government appear to be an attempt to placate two extremes - 
the USA and the Canadian citizen, but is failing miserably to please either.

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