Pubdate: Wed, 12 Jul 2000
Source: Journal Gazette (IN)
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Author: Calvina L. Fay


Regarding the July 6 editorial, "Let states decide about medical 
marijuana," you have done an excellent job in ignoring reality!

Follow the money trail of the state initiatives to legalize marijuana as a 
so-called medicine. The money trail shows that they have been financed by 
George Soros and two of his buddies, all of whom support the legalization 
of marijuana and other drugs such as heroin and cocaine. The initiatives 
are clearly about drug legalization and not medicine. All of the major 
medical associations, such as the American Medical Association, have 
rejected crude marijuana as medicine.

About the only accurate statement you made is that "cancer sufferers are 
not the same as recreational drug users." The reality is that people who 
are seriously ill with cancer are not smoking pot to treat their cancer - 
they are under the care and supervision of legitimate doctors and are 
receiving valid medicines to treat their ailments. In fact, one of the 
first things that doctors prohibit around cancer patients is smoking of any 
kind. Those who are advocates of the illegal use of marijuana and other 
drugs are using cancer patients as an excuse to further their own selfish 

Rep. Mark Souder should be commended for his courageous attempts to expose 
the medical excuse marijuana scam for what it really is - a campaign to 
legalize drugs and to promote drug use to our children.


Executive Director

Drug Free America Foundation, Inc.

St. Petersburg, Florida
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