Pubdate: Fri, 30 Jun 2000
Source: Oregonian, The (OR)
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Author: Kevin Feeney


I was surprised by the absence of the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act in the
article on initiatives (June 19), as it is a very controversial
initiative. It is also a very strong initiative that has gathered more
than 67,000 signatures.

There are many nonviolent marijuana users who are mothers and fathers
and who are serving longer sentences than child molesters and rapists,
for a drug that is arguably more benign than alcohol. I think a child
is better off with loving parents who may use marijuana than being
exposed to child molesters.

This initiative to legalize marijuana looks realistically at the
implications of marijuana prohibition and has good points to make.
However, it should be up to the people of Oregon to decide whether
they want to vote on this, and it doesn't help to have the media
pretend that it doesn't exist. Anyone interested in more information
should visit

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