Pubdate: Thu, 22 Jun 2000
Source: New Times (CA)
Author: Alan Randell


May I please comment on Victor R. Virzi's thought-provoking letter ["Break 
the Law, Pay the Price," June 15]?

Mr. Virzi makes two points. First, student loans should not be given to 
those with a drug conviction within the prior year because drug use renders 
the individual less able to repay the loan. Second, those who are denied 
loans on this basis learn this valuable lesson - that there is a price to 
be paid for breaking the law.

On the first point, Mr. Virzi offers no evidence whatsoever to support his 
assertion. On the second, piling on a second punishment on top of the one 
handed out by the courts seems unfair to me.

Mr. Virzi is of course correct in saying, "Our Constitution gives us the 
inalienable right to freedom," but here's the rub: How does that square 
with laws that punish people for what they choose to ingest into their own 

Alan Randell, Victoria, British Colombia
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