Pubdate: Sat, 10 Jun 2000
Source: Tampa Tribune (FL)
Copyright: 2000, The Tribune Co.
Author: Patrick O'Rourke, Tampa


This is in reference to the editorial on Ecstasy (June 4). The editorial 
made it seem as if club-goers are lost sheep who need to be herded back to 
the right path by the government. This theory is misguided, as well as sad.

Why don't you give our generation a little bit of credit? Do you really 
think that we are so feeble-minded that we need the state and federal 
government to make our decisions for us? I am old enough to smoke, drink, 
own a handgun and die for my country. I would hope that I am rational and 
intelligent enough to make my own choices. To typecast club-goers as 
"confused youngsters" who need to be saved from their own devices is inane. 
I, along with my peers, am well versed on the pros and cons of Ecstasy, and 
any dangers that I might or might not face will be a product of my own free 

Your editorial encourages the demonization of Ecstasy and the prosecution 
of casual users to the highest letter of the law (and raising that bar).

According to you, I should be locked away in prison for no less than 10 
years for possessing one little pill that is less harmful than a six-pack 
of beer.

You need to compare our drug crime statistics with those of Europe, where 
it is all but legalized.
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