Pubdate: Wed, 31 May 2000
Source: Otago Daily Times (New Zealand)
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IN REPLY to New Zealand Catholic Education Office executive director 
Patrick Lynch's comments on cannabis (24.5.00), I am a regular user and 
recently gained 89% in an exam, which is my best ever result. I don't agree 
that cannabis debilitates learning, nor do I struggle to make sense of life 
and I certainly wouldn't be studying if my ambition was robbed from me like 
Mr Lynch suggests happens.

Instead of worrying about cannabis, people should turn their attention to 
real dangers, like alcohol. Most people act like complete idiots when 
drinking, often causing trouble for others, whereas I have found cannabis 
users to be quite the opposite. If it is okay to breed even more trouble by 
lowering the drinking age to 18, then I believe anyone 18 and over should 
legally be allowed to use cannabis. It could lead to fewer alcohol-related 
problems as most people I know drink far less after doing so.

Unfortunately, cannabis will always be seen in a negative way unless people 
like Mr Lynch come to their senses. Before they knock it they should try it 
first, and maybe they'll see it is a blessing and not a curse.

Student User


[Name withheld by request. - Ed.] 
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