Pubdate: Tue, 23 May 2000
Source: Dallas Morning News (TX)
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Author: Richard W. Jones


Thank you for publishing a fine column, "Let's dish straight talk about
drugs," May 10, by Steve Blow.

The main battle cry from the supporters of the drug war is "save the
children," but when children crosses the line (and a great many do) and
begin to use drugs, they are transformed into the enemy. In war the enemy is
to be exterminated, not saved.

The war mentality used in an effort to address the public health issue of
drug abuse has filled our jails and prisons with the grown sons and
daughters we were supposed to be protecting. It has also fostered excesses
in police power by turning our servants and protectors into soldiers trained
to seek and destroy.

Let's scrap our battle plans and find compassionate resources for protecting
and healing our children.

Richard W. Jones, Jackson, Miss.
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