Pubdate: Thu, 18 May 2000
Source: Auburn Journal (CA)
Copyright: 2000 Auburn Journal
Contact:  1030 High St., Auburn, CA 95603
Author: Carol Colburn


I hope the citizens of California will oppose Assembly Bill 2295, the
"Smoke a Joint, Lose Your License" bill recently passed by the
Assembly Public Safety Committee to mandate a six-month driver's
license suspension upon conviction of any drug offense. Please instead
support legislation to officially opt out of this provision.

"Smoke a Joint, Lose Your license" is an irrational extra punishment
imposed upon people who have already suffered whatever penalty a judge
saw fit to impose on them. This law would clog California's courts by
causing huge numbers of very low-level drug offenders, many of whom
might otherwise be willing to plead guilty and accept some minor
penalty, to take their cases to a full trial instead.

Polling has found that Californians oppose "Smoke a Joint, Lose Your
License" by a margin of 2-1. Please tell Gov. Davis his threat to veto
an "opt-out" bill is wrong and that you would like him to change his

Write to state Sen. Tim Leslie, and also write to Assemblyman Rico
Oilier at the State Capitol in Sacramento, and also Gov. Davis.

This bill is ridiculous! Maybe if they pass this bill, there should be
a bill, "Drink a beer or a martini, or smoke a cigarette, and go to
jail." How about an "Eat no fat or chocolate bill"? Is there no end to
this nonsense? Get the government out of our personal lives!

Carol Colburn, Meadow Vista
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