Pubdate: Sun, 14 May 2000
Source: San Francisco Examiner (CA)
Copyright: 2000 San Francisco Examiner
Author: Stacie Stick


Thank you for printing the U.N. Plaza pot rally story ("Marijuana rally 
draws crowd at U.N. Peace Plaza," Metro section, May 7).

Another year goes by and more people than ever are coming out in favor of 
decriminalizing marijuana, but what have our lawmakers done to change 
things? Not much.

Thousands of  harmless citizens are still rotting in jail, getting busted 
and getting hassled by the justice system. Drug dealers get rich and more 
prisons are built.

Our taxes go up to pay for more cops, court costs, and prison costs.

Politicians are lobbied by the prison industry, the law enforcement 
industry and the legal-drug industry that pumps billions into Washington D.C.

My vote in the next presidential election will go to the candidate who 
promises to change the current marijuana laws.

I have traveled extensively around the globe, including Amsterdam where pot 
use is restricted but is not criminal, and have concluded that the war on 
pot is dead wrong.

Additionally, the need for pot as a medicinal alternative will continue to 
increase and demand a rightful place in the eyes of  the federal government.

I praise local lawmakers for their efforts. As usual, real change at the 
top is slow in coming.

Stacie Stick, McKinleyville
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