Pubdate: Sun, 14 May 2000
Source: Anchorage Daily News (AK)
Copyright: 2000 The Anchorage Daily News
Author: Fred Frontier


On May 6, hemp legalization proponents in more than 95 cities worldwide 
protested in the Millennium Marijuana March. More than 150 Anchoragites 
carried signs, chanted and handed out fliers as they snaked their way from 
downtown to Spenard. Channels 11 and 2 filmed us and KZND 87.7 FM disc 
jockey Cliffie Cloven walked the entire route, interviewing as he went.

Why wasn't the Daily News there? Maybe the ADN was scared to lose 
advertiser support. If you and everyone who even slightly supports 
legalization doesn't help's awareness-raising events, your 
taxes will continue being wasted trying to punish the one in five Americans 
who have chosen to smoke a plant that has never killed anyone (unlike 
violent and harmful alcohol and household inhalants). Through events like 
the march we relay the message that Alaska should follow Holland's 
tourist-attracting example of taxing and zoning marijuana.

We need media attention in order to register voters for the Nov. 7 
elections during which we'll be able to improve Alaska's economy because 
everything that can be made from plastic or wood can be produced from 
biodegradable hemp. Next time, maybe it won't only be The End (KZND) that's 
hip to Alaska's new beginning.

Fred Frontier, Anchorage
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