Pubdate: Sun, 7 May 200
Source: NewsRoom 2000 (New Zealand)
Copyright: 2000 NewsRoom 2000


Organiser of the pro-marijuana J-Day rally in Auckland's Albert Park say 
about one thousand people turned out for the event.

Pro-marijuana rallies were held in the four main centres from midday until 
six o'clock in the evening on Saturday.

National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) 
spokesperson, Chris Fowlie, said some people may have smoked marijuana at 
the Auckland event.

However Police kept a low-key presence at the event and only made one 
arrest, but also confiscated a pipe allegedly used for smoking marijuana.

The atmosphere was described as peaceful, and very relaxed.

Green MP, Nandor Tanczos, was among the speakers at the event, which also 
featured entertainment and a petition calling for the decriminalisation of 
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