Pubdate: Sat, 22 Apr 2000
Source: London Free Press (CN ON)
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Author: Lynn Harichy
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Last weekend was the Super Cities Walk for MS, and I wish to thank the
MS Society for finally looking at the issue of the medical use of marijuana.

Sometimes I need to use this plant and I try to hide it to respect
other people's right to not have to breathe it.

The MS Society's decision makes me feel better about being around
people. I've been really avoiding some people by staying home. I'm
embarrassed when children tell my kids, "Your mom's cool," and my kids
are embarrassed, too. My daughter and stepson at first were
embarrassed because everyone just assumed we were all potheads.

Most of us do not have understanding doctors who can assist in getting
us exemptions through Section 56. Even those getting exemptions must
grow for themselves or wait till it can be made synthetically so it
can be profited from by more important people, like pharmaceutical
companies.  The government makes it hard for anyone who uses marijuana
medicinally by charging anyone who helps the exempted.

Not even all enforcement officers feel we are all the same. Some are
trying to understand and some do understand, but they are forced by
law to show zero tolerance, no matter what.

If people want to understand the medical uses of marijuana, one would
expect they could go to their doctors for information. Until recently,
that information was illegal to possess, and even today much is being
hidden.  Hopefully, now we will start hearing the facts and, in 20
years, we will begin to get the results of studies and our laws will
be changed.

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