Pubdate: Wed, 19 Apr 2000
Source: Globe and Mail (Canada)
Copyright: 2000, The Globe and Mail Company
Author: Stephen James Kerr


Toronto -- Re Day Says He Smoked Marijuana (April 18): It seems to me
that the real story behind Stockwell Day's come-to-Jesus announcement
of pot smoke from Christmas past got lost in a purple haze.

The real question is why his handlers would think that such a
revelation would be important in wining the Ontario right-wing vote --
or any vote, for that matter. Does this mean that the pea brains in
the Reform Party think pot smoking is okay now? Does this mean that
Angus Reid thinks that Canadian voters are so down with the doobie
that projecting an image of Mr. Day as pot-smoking radical will make
us forget that Mr. Day is a Bible-thumping right-winger who wants to
privatize everything? What's next, Preston's into a little leather to
fool gay and lesbian voters?

Ask anybody in Alberta which is more important: Bill 11, which starts
to privatize health care, or Mr. Day's pot-filled past. It's pathetic
that these right-wingers have to engage in political role-playing and
ideological cross-dressing to make themselves look like "one of us."
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