Pubdate: Wed, 01 Mar 2000
Source: Summit Free Press (CO)
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Author: Mike Plylar


Dear Summit Free Press:

Newspapers around the country denounce the TV networks for taking money to
echo themes and slogans concocted by Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey and his ONDCP.

So, what's the problem?  Newspapers have long been a mouthpiece for the
drug war establishment and have unquestioningly regurgitated every
statement and rumination of the anti-drug cartel, no matter how ludicrous
or false.

Was it the money?  Are the newspapers upset because their integrity was
donated for free, as a "service to the public", while the television
networks discovered a literal gold mine and were paid so handsomely for
"sending the government's messages", prime time.

The newest frenzy in the form of the "meth epidemic" is presently being
created by McCaffrey and his cronies, just like the "crack plague" that was
concocted during the '90's.  The rural papers and politicos approach "The
Czar" with "hat in hand" wanting their share of public funds to combat this
impending catastrophe.  From Billings, Montana to Riverside, California,
the pandering continues and it's the same old "song and dance".  The local
media "pumps up the volume" with questionable facts and statistics compiled
by the feds.  Local drug "professionals" and law enforcement jump on the
bandwagon and if all the propaganda is presented and broadcast properly and
the populous is sufficiently enraged, the deluge of money from Washington
is guaranteed to come.

It's all about money, with another drug epidemic soon to follow the last
and sure to be conquered with a massive contribution of your tax dollars,
even though, most of these scourges never existed, except in our own
collective beliefs and memories.

The nation's and world's media could and should make amends by researching
and presenting the facts.  You should provide your readers a great service
by questioning the statistics, the money, and the "facts", manufactured by
the government.  That is how to make things right.

But maybe this time it will be different.  With the "money machine"
unmasked, maybe the people and the media will acknowledge the obvious, "the
Czar wears no clothes", and the taxpayers are the losers in this unending
"War on Drugs, for MONEY", carried on by our nation's shameless
mercenaries, who feed at America's most egregious examples of "pork barrel"
politics, the "War On Drugs".

There is a positive perspective to all this.  By publishing stories about
network "drug payola", you have heightened the awareness of the people
concerning, how the "Drug War" has invaded every fabric and institution of
our society.  One can no longer trust the message or the messenger, because
it was probably bought and paid for by the government.

Read their messages.  The words, drugs and money, are always used profusely
and interchangeably.  Where illegal drugs are discussed, money won't be far
behind.  It's all about money.  Always has been.

But, now it's different. It's no longer a secret and we are watching very


Mike Plylar, Kremmling
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