Pubdate: Sat, 19 Feb 2000
Source: Daily Mail (UK)
Copyright: 2000 Associated Newspapers Ltd
Author: Michael Nendick


WHY should we accept the idea that certain substances should be prohibited? 
Many substances, including coffee, tobacco and alcohol, have been subject 
to prohibition at various times through history, but what benefits have 
prohibition brought?

If we compare the Netherlands with the U.S., we can see that a liberal 
attitude contributes to a less violent and more productive society. Also, 
drug prohibition has failed its most primary objection - control of supply.

In most cities it is easier for teenagers to obtain illegal drugs than it 
is to obtain a drug which is legally available to adults - alcohol.

If substances were available legally there would no longer be astronomical 
profits to be made.  We need only to think of alcohol and the U.S. of the 
Twenties to realise that prohibition provides a 'shot in the arm' for 
organised crime and establishes widespread government corruption.

Of course, ending prohibition of illegal drugs and asking that adults be 
legally responsible for their behaviour towards others is something that is 
too sensitive for politicians to risk being heard talking about.

That doesn't mean it isn't the most sensible option, or the one which 
respects individual freedom the most.

Michael Nendick
Ware, Herts
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