Pubdate: Wed, 16 Feb 2000
Source: Daily Telegraph (Australia)
Copyright: News Limited 2000
Author: Ian W. Webster


For a person to overcome addiction they need to become a different
person. That takes time, often a long time, as there is "no quick fix".

There is a range of substitution drugs, which enable the person to
stop "hunting" on the street for heroin -- methadone being one of these.

The management of addiction is best done where the person can be
supported by family, friends, their own GP and local pharmacist.

This is far better than a large congregation attending a site distant
from their home.

This is the policy and practice of the National Drugs strategy to
which all Australian governments are committed.

It was the strong recommendation of The Drug Summit.

At the same time, the NSW Government is moving to tighten
administration of the State's methadone program.

New treatment contracts for clients will be introduced, detailing
services a particular client will receive, as well as their

This will include attending training courses, employment preparation
and community service work.

Methadone is a crime prevention tool as well as a treatment option.
For every dollar spent on methadone treatment, $7 is saved in the
judicial, law enforcement and insurance fields.

Sandra Lee's column (The Daily Telegraph, February l5) missed the

Ian W. Webster, Chair,
Expert Advisory Committee on Drugs
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