Pubdate: Wed, 16 Feb 2000
Source: Kansas City Star (MO)
Copyright: 2000 The Kansas City Star
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Author: Richard Marks


Reading Saturday's article about Independence Avenue's prostitution
problems (2/12, A-1) made me wonder how much money has been spent
prosecuting America's costly wars on drugs and prostitution. Am I the
only person who sees the insanity of spending billions of dollars to
put a halt to these victimless crimes? If consenting adults want to
engage in this type of activity, why should I care?

I can tell you why I care that the state fights these unwinnable wars.
To fight the war on drugs, our military is now being used in foreign
countries to spray plants, spy, conduct undercover operations, etc. Is
this what our military is designed to do?

And the hypocrisy! How many people are in prison due to an arrest by
a cop, to enforce a law voted on by a politician, prosecuted by a
government attorney, presided over by a judge, all of whom have smoked
marijuana in their lifetime? (Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, anybody?)

The true crimes in the war on drugs are being perpetrated by the
state. The violence associated with the war on drugs would vanish
overnight with the complete legalization of all drugs. When was the
last time you saw Budweiser do a drive-by shooting of Coors?
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