Pubdate: Fri, 11 Feb 2000
Source: Guardian, The (UK)
Copyright: Guardian Media Group 2000
Section: Letters
Author: Adam Mitchell
Note: Title supplied by editor


Let people grow a couple of marijuana plants in their cupboards. Then there 
would be fewer greedy dealers to grow rich from prohibition and encourage 
people to try harder drugs. Moreover, a healthy supply of homegrown would 
end the need to add tobacco to joints. The many thousands of people who 
become hooked on nicotine through smoking spliffs would be spared. Student 
funding, meanwhile, would also become less of a problem.

As for ecstasy, lighter penalties for dealers who sell clean pills would be 
a cheap and intuitive move. Anyway, the police should be out catching real 
villains rather than swooping for soft target loved-up ravers. Polly 
Toynbee's article was inspired. Let us campaign to end this ridiculous 

Adam Mitchell Nottingham university
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