Pubdate: Wed, 20 Dec 2000
Source: Auburn Journal (CA)
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Author: Journal Staff


The jury in the marijuana-possession-for-sale trial of Olympic Valley's 
Steve and Michele Kubby will try again today to reach a verdict after 
completing a third day of deliberation Tuesday in Auburn.

Jurors returned to the courtroom Tuesday morning to hear testimony by 
defense expert witness Chris Conrad read back to them. Conrad testified on 
yield, stating that the Kubbys' 265 plants would have yielded about 3.5 
pounds of high-grade pot. Prosecutors contend the yield would be closer to 
25 pounds - too much for the personal medicinal uses the Kubbys contend 
their cannabis crop was for.

Jurors began deliberations Friday after a trial that spanned four months. 
Steve Kubby, the Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate in 1998, played 
a key role in getting Proposition 215 - the Compassionate Use Act allowing 
medical marijuana use - on the statewide ballot in 1996.
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