Pubdate: Thu, 07 Dec 2000
Source: Denver Post (CO)
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Author: Byron Bergman


Re: "Marijuana goes to court," Nov. 28 editorial.

I believe it is time for The Denver Post to rethink its position on the 
medical marijuana issue. Although I could argue that your editorial staff 
has taken the wrong side of this debate for many reasons, one overriding 
reason speaks louder than any - we the people have spoken.

In eight states where some form of this amendment has been proposed, it has 
passed every time, first time. I am offended by your assertion that somehow 
the people do not know what they are do ing when they vote. Could it be 
that a majority of us realize marijuana is not as dangerous as the 
government would have us believe? The current classification of marijuana 
is more restrictive than opiates for medicinal use. On the face of it, this 
makes no sense.

It is time for our elected officials and judges, indeed all people and 
institutions, to accept that in every case where voters have had a chance 
to speak their minds about this, we are speaking with one voice. With that 
being said, it would be wise for the courts not to seek ways to overturn 
the will of the people, but rather to find a way to permit the will of the 
people to be expressed.

Byron Bergman, Littleton
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