Pubdate: Fri, 10 Nov 2000
Source: Comox Valley Record (CN BC)
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Author: Alan Randell



Re Editorial disappointing: RCMP, Oct. 27

Small wonder Barry Schneider, the RCMP's Drug Co-ordinator for 
Central/North Vancouver Island protests so vigorously your editorial 
putting forward the position that arresting people for what they choose to 
ingest is a grievous attack on individual liberty and a failing strategy 
besides. If drugs were legalized, Schneider would have to get a real police 
job protecting the public rather than wasting his time, and ours, trying to 
justify our shameful and oppressive drug laws.

Mr. Schneider states that enforcement is only one strategy in an 
effective  multi-faceted approach to drugs. I totally disagree. It is only 
when we legalize drugs and remove enforcement from the picture altogether 
that the other approaches of prevention, education etc stand a chance of 
being successful.

Of course we must punish those who harm others while under the influence of 
drugs, but that does not mean that we must punish everyone who ingests 
drugs. Whether or not an individual is under the influence of a drug, if no 
one else is directly harmed, he or she has the right to be left alone.

Alan Randell
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