Pubdate: Mon, 06 Nov 2000
Source: Springfield News-Leader (MO)
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Author: Rick Root


I must applaud the commentary of Deborah J. Good in addressing the 
failure and negative ramifications of the war on drugs (Nov. 2).

Contrary to what its supporters would have us believe, our children 
have a much higher chance of slipping into a life controlled by 
illicit drugs because of prohibition than if drugs were 
decriminalized and regulated as are alcohol and prescription drugs.

There aren't people down at the schoolyards trying to push these 
legal substances off on our children.

No, they're out taking advantage of the economy afforded them by the 
black-market for drugs, a government sponsored monopoly. Consider 
also that this black market and its temptation of fast and easy money 
has taken many youngsters who see a faster way to economic success 
than through getting an education and working hard. One of the 
failures of the DARE program is that it teaches kids about this 
available economy.

Good asks a very important question: Is this war worth the cost, both 
human and financial? The answer is quite simple. Regardless of the 
costs, those who profit from the tens of billions of dollars spent 
annually fighting this unwinnable war will always find the rhetoric 
to sway support.

Rick Root
Westminster, CA
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