Pubdate: Thu, 02 Nov 2000
Source: Colchester Evening Gazette (UK)
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Author: Alun Buffry
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TWO previous letter writers on the subject of cannabis were both correct in
their own ways, although seeming to differ Pete Henshall wrote that all
drugs are not the same" and pointed out that cannabis is a herb (Postbag, 23

Randal Geringer tells us that 'Tobacco is a herb like marijuana. A drug must
be manufactured: it does not grow on plants," (Postbag, 26 October). I am
not entirely sure that the word herb can be applied to either plant and of
course many drugs are indeed extracted from plants.  But there are several
major differences between tobacco and cannabis. Tobacco is toxic and highly

Cannabis is neither.

Tobacco, in its present form and after a significant amount of
"manufacturing" kills millions around the world every year. Cannabis kills
none. Tobacco is a large source of revenue for the Government; cannabis is
not. The other difference of course is the legal status and there is where
we all seem to agree: it makes no sense in punishing someone for consuming a

Alun Buffry, Legalise Cannabis Alliance,
PO Box 198, Norwich
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