Pubdate: Mon, 30 Oct 2000
Source: Orange County Register (CA)
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Author: Martin Wisckol, Orange County Register Staff Writer
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When former Laguna Beach resident Steve Kubby goes to the courtroom on
Halloween for the continuing trial of the state's most high-profile
marijuana case, the jury will be dressed up in costumes, Kubby
enthusiastically told The Buzz on Friday. That's right -- witches and
clowns and goblins and ghosts and maybe a Johnnie Cochran, for good
measure. The Placer County jury made the unusual request of Judge John
L. Cosgrove, who said, more or less, Cool.

"When we heard that, we thought, 'We won!,'" said Kubby. "If the jury
was going to convict people, would they want to dress up?" Kubby, a
cancer victim and former gubernatorial candidate, and his wife,
Michele, are on trial for possession, cultivation, sale and possession
for sale. The Kubbys say the pot was for medicinal purposes, as
allowed under the initiative approved by voters in 1996. Both have
notes from doctors recommending that they use it for medical
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