Pubdate: Tue, 31 Oct 2000
Source: Record, The (CA)
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Author: Doug Hoiles


Do you want a smaller government? If you do, then you must stop supporting 
big government. Al Gore wants to make government much bigger. He's proposed 
a long list of a new programs. So have George W. Bush, Pat Buchanan and 
Ralph Nader, although the details vary considerably. If you really want a 
smaller government, this let's vote out the Democrat, Republican, Reform 
and Green party candidates. Who does that leave? Only one -- Harry Browne, 
the Libertarian candidate.

He is the only one who wants to get the federal government out of every 
unconstitutional program where it's made such a mess -- health care, 
education, law enforcement, welfare, foreign aid, corporate welfare, 
highway boondoggles, farm subsides.

Browne wants to make the federal government so small you won't pay any 
income tax. He wants to free you from the Social Security system by selling 
government assets to finance private retirement accounts for anyone now 
dependent on Social Security. That's so we can stop paying the 15 percent 
Social Security tax. He wants to end the insane war on drugs and treat drug 
abuse as a medical problem, not a criminal act. He wants to restore 
completely your unconditional right to keep and bear any weapon necessary 
to defend you and your family.

Only the Libertarian Party consistently promotes less government, less 
regulation, lower taxes and less spending. By voting for Bush or Gore, you 
send the message that you like what they have been doing and that you want 
more of the same.

By voting Libertarian, I send the message that I am mad as hell and I won't 
take it any more.

Doug Hoiles, Acampo
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