Pubdate: Tue, 31 Oct 2000
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Author: Patt Morrison
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Justice may or may not be blind, but it sure dresses funny.

With permission from Superior Court Judge John Cosgrove, many jurors
in a Placer County marijuana trial today will file into the courtroom
in Halloween costumes.

The Auburn jury will be hearing the defense's side in the case against
Steve Kubby, on trial for alleged possession of marijuana with intent
to sell.

Now, even without a jury tricked out for trick-or-treat, Kubby's is
not your routine marijuana case. In July, he lost a runoff for the
Libertarian Party's vice presidential nomination. And Kubby was a
force in the 1996 campaign that passed Proposition 215, allowing the
medical use of marijuana. He has adrenal cancer and says that
marijuana keeps him alive. Prosecutors contend that he was growing
enough marijuana to keep many people alive.

Kubby, who has moved from Placer County to Laguna Beach, ran for
governor in 1998 and plans to do so again. That, of course, depends on
what happens in Department 10. Given adults' costume preferences,
Kubby may be facing a jury of peers masked as Al Gore, George W. Bush,
Hillary and Bill Clinton, and the perennial favorite, Richard Nixon.
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