Pubdate: Fri, 27 Oct 2000
Source: Press Democrat, The (CA)
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Author: Janine Lowery


EDITOR: This letter is in response to the Oct. 19 front-page article titled 
"Top court lets car seizure law stand." What's wrong with this picture?

In Oakland, citizens are having their personal property seized, upon 
"suspicion" that a crime could have been committed, crimes that include 
misdemeanor offenses. Personal property is first seized, never returned, 
and then a determination of guilt is investigated?

Let us ignore the issue that corruption exists with some of California's 
law enforcement agencies (a fact that further complicates this issue) and 
deal directly with the facts.

How is justice being served when someone innocent of any offense has their 
personal property taken and sold by our law enforcement agencies? How is it 
that our rights to our own personal property dissolve at the suspicion of a 

What is the answer to the question: Where will this practice end?

Janine Lowery, Santa Rosa
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