Pubdate: Tue, 24 Oct 2000
Source: Colchester Evening Gazette (UK)
Copyright: 2000, Quicksilver Media
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Author: Don Barnard


Don Quinn says: until cannabis is legalised he would settle for 
decriminalisation, provided the same rules applied to all  (The case for 
cannabis, postbag October 19)

Surly if we are to treat every cannabis offender the same this would make 
it permissible to grow a cottage garden, import, and supply - Isn't that 

Is he saying that all people who use cannabis should be free from criminal 

Would they still be subject to the on-the-spot fine type of 
decriminalisation recently favoured by Ann Widdicombe?

And what about drug testing at work for cannabis use. or a police drug test 
while driving. Would they still risk the loss of their job or license?

The Legalise Cannabis Alliance believes that decriminalisation of 
possession which ignores supply would not solve many of the problems 
created by prohibition.

Mr Quinn pointed us to Holland which has had a semi-successful form of 
decriminalisation for over 25 years, but the situation was quite different 
to here to start with.

We have always welcomed public debate on these matters and would gladly 
invite expert speakers in favour of the legalisation of cannabis.

Expert speakers against would of course have to be found by others as we 
have been unable to discover any ourselves!

Don Barnard, Legalise Cannabis Alliance,
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